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Mordecai – A Lesson In Humility

“Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delights to honor.”  Est 6:11

If there ever was a man who knew how to remain humble, even when he had every reason to be proud, it was Mordecai.  To this day this man of God, a paragon among the Jews of his time, has his story cast in the shadows of what we know of as the story of Esther.  He remains now and forever as nothing but a side story in the grander plan of the salvation of the Jews, and I believe that is exactly how he would like it.  If, however, I could shine a light on this small but great man for just a moment, we could learn a great lesson in humility.

How many of us when we have done a great thing, at least in our minds, are willing to let them go unnoticed   Are we able to just let our deeds be enough for us or do we demand some greater prize? This is a struggle that we are all faced with at one time or another, yet how we answer those questions can be a great indicator of our humility. So how should we act when we have done some deed deserving of recognition?

1. Let the act speak for itself.

Often the first indicator of our humility in these situations can be how we “spread the news”. We should be as Mordecai was in the Book of Esther and once the deed is done, be content to go back to our post and resume our duty.

2. Continue without bitterness

Even when we get the first step right, and we don’t go shooting off our mouths about how great our actions have been.  We may still be waiting for someone to notice our “greatness”, and when that recognition does not come we get bitter and angry at those people who “refuse” to recognize our works. So when you get this bitter feeling ask yourself, “Did I do it for the recognition, or because it was the right thing to do?”.

3. Know that God is in control.

The ultimate answer to all humility questions is this, “Are you fine if only you and God know?”.  If your answer is yes then you have truly reached the point where you are contented in the place where God has you, and it is there that you can begin true humility.

One last question before the discussion is done, “How do we react when recognition finally comes?” Do we rub it in the faces of all those people who thought we were nothing, or accept it graciously?  Mordecai, again gives us a better example than we could hope to receive.  He is finally rewarded for saving the kings life. He is driven through the streets with one of the kings top officials shouting how great his honor is in the kings eyes. How does he respond?

“Then Mordecai returned to the king’s gate…” Est 6:12

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Recipe for Humble Pie

   “Now I, (king) Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol and honor the King of heaven, for all his works are right and his ways are just; and those who walk in pride he is able to humble.”  Dan 4:37

It seems to me that there is a very simple recipe for humility.  Start with one uncooked human battered in pride, add a sprig of “I can do this myself”, two teaspoons of “have it my way”, one cup of “how great am I”, just a pinch of sugar*, and one swift kick in the pants by God right into the flames of reality.  Finally, let simmer on high until fully tenderized and ready for molding. Coincidentally , this seems to be just about the same recipe for every virtue in the Bible.

Me, and old Nebby** have a lot in common, in that it seems like every time we get it all figured out about how this world works, and about exactly where we stand in it, we find ourselves once again the uncooked human in a brand new batch of humble pie.  The end result of being that human is that we end up right in the hands of our creator being molded, not into what we believe ourselves to be, but into what we were created to be, and we find that we have no greater purpose than to “extol and honor the King of Heaven”.

So, how do we avoid being that main dish in the most unpleasant cooking show on earth?

1. Start Every Day on Your Knees.  

“It seems like such a simple answer, but as is so often the case the simple answer is the right one.  When you start your day in prayer for yourself and others, you are beginning in an already ‘tenderized’ state, admitting from the start that you have no idea what you are doing”

2. Acknowledge Where Your “Greatness” Comes From

As much as I hate to give him props, the best example I know of this in our time right now is Tim Tebow.  The example he sets is that in everything you do understand that your power comes from Christ and all honor and glory should be given back to Him”

3. Allow Accountability Into Your Life

“The best way to avoid having God come in and give you a swift kick in the pants, is to have a good group of brothers and sisters in Christ, who are sitting in the wings ready to give you that kick before God has to do it Himself.  Lets face it lesser of two kicks is always preferable”

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*everything is better with sugar

**Nebby: short for Nebuchadnezzar it’s from veggie tales look it up!


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