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Time and Place

“For everything there is a  season, and a time for every matter under heaven:” Ecc 3:1

It is amazing that God ordained all things to happen inside his timing and will.  He set up the rules and order of this world and set all things in there place.  God has, as Ecclesiastes 3 says, given everything a season and a time.

What does this mean for our lives though?

Has God so controlled our lives and actions that we have no freedom?

No!  Rather God has placed markers and “signs” and given us his word that we might understand that every action, desire, and outcome has a place.  No thing that happens to us is ever out of Gods control, and we need not fear finding ourselves in a situation that He has not planned.

Solomon uses quite a few “this/that” statements to show the control and placement of things in this world.  These few verses are easy to both over and under spiritualize, however they are powerful statements of Gods control and plan for our world and lives.

Born and Die (V.2)

Solomon starts out slow and easy by just letting us know that God has ordained a time for our birth and our death.  No accidents occur in Gods world.  No one has been born or ever will be born that God did not know about first.  Just as know one has been born a surprise to God no one has died as a surprise to God.  We enter and exit this world as a planned creation of God, and he watches out for us throughout it all. (Matt 10:29)

Break Down and Build Up (V.3)

Christ is referred to as the potter (Isa 64:8) and we the clay.  If you ever watch a potter throw a clay pot it is fascinating to watch.  Sometimes after working on a pot and building it up for hours a flaw might be found in the construction.  If there is a fault found a potter doesn’t try to fix that hole or just put clay over it, instead he breaks down the work he has done back into a pile so that he can start fresh.

As the clay, solomon points to the fact that there are God ordained times of building where we might rise as leaders and teachers, however because of our own flawed nature when we get out of sync with God or prideful there is also a God ordained time of breaking down.

Silence and Speech (V.7)

It is ordained through the discernment of the Holy Spirit, and through the reading of the Bible the knowledge of when to speak.  There are times that we are called as Christians to speak up and say what God has taught us. (David and Goliath being a good Old Testament Example) However, there are also times that God has given us the wisdom to stay silent.

Most of us, unfortunately, have a case of the opposites.  When someone is running down our God or God is calling us to share we stay silent.  When someone is asking us about gossip or we have opinions we speak.  God has called us to seek out the times when he has called us to speech and silence.  Pray only that He gives us the wisdom to know the difference.

War and Peace (V.8)

Similare to speech and silence it can be hard to discern which of these God has ordained in a specific situation.  As humans we tend to go to war over little things and keep the peace when barbarians are at the gate.

Understand,  God has given us the call to war as a tool to be used.  There is nothing wrong with standing your ground and holding a position you believe.  We are called however to make sure to only use that tool when it is appropriate.

Romans says it best like this “in as much as it is up to you, live at peace with all men” (Rm 12:18)  This is a call to use discernment.  A call to say that if its not a must issue than choose peace.  However, if it is against the Bible or Gods authority ….prepare for war.

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The Truth…(Part 1)

I am the way, the truth, and the life and no man comes to the father except through me.”  – John 14:6

What is truth?  How do we find it? and What is our reaction to it?

I found myself just a few months ago entangled in conversation with a man who, while being bat crap crazy, asked me a question that left me pondering the answer.*  We were embroiled in a debate over what the reality of God was and whether any religion was truly the right religion. But, over the course of this argument we wandered onto what is truth.  It was then that this crazy old man asked my this:

“What is the difference between truth and fact?”

After this obviously unsuccessful attempt at witnessing to a man at McDonald’s I just went about the rest of my day; however, I found the man’s question sticking with me.  What was the difference between truth and fact?  A point he made, and I was hard pressed to disagree is that fact is unquestionable!  You can’t get rid of facts no matter how hard you may try. You can deny them.  You can hide them.  You can even obscure them, but they never truly go away.

So if fact is so absolute then what is truth?  Being raised as the good christian that I strive to be, I was always taught that truth is absolute. Could both of these things be correct?  It took a lot of prayer and many hours of study to arrive at my answer, but finally I found it.

Truth is the most accurate interpretation of all of the facts!

As I said before facts are absolute but they can be obscured and even misused to produce a false truth, but that is not TRUTH.  Truth is when all of the facts are put in the correct order brought into the light and exposed for all to see.

The realization of this caused me to question then an even older philosophic question I was given. It was this:

“If you could spend the whole day in a room with another person and you had to speak the truth would you want to?”

This question was posed to a group of about twenty-two senior high school students, and with the exception myself and one other all of them answered with a firm and unshakable no.  Even at the time I was stunned how could this group of seventeen to eighteen year old Christian students not want to be open and honest with each other.  Wasn’t one of the tenets of our religion to be truthful?

They of course gave the answers that you would expect of a question such as that. What if the other person told?  What if a deep dark secret came out?  What if I was basically a devil and them an angel?  Who would come out on top?  These questions and more plagued there minds. They were scared about which truths might be found out.  What then was changed about this question then you might ask?

What changed was this: If truth is the most accurate interpretation of all of the facts, then what you were telling in that room was not truth but fact!  Now that may get lost on some but the distinction is very important.  These people were afraid, not of what truths this person might find out but what facts.  That fear, however, ran deeper.

There fear was that with enough facts this person might learn the TRUTH!

All that is left to ask then is why is this such a frightening thing?  Why does someone knowing the truth about us frighten us so much?  There is I believe a very simple but haunting answer.  When the truth about us is known it forces not only the one who finds out and the one whom the truth is about to face that truth.  When someone has all the facts and knows us so completely, they can force us to confront who we really are!

“Is this then the reason we are all so afraid of allowing God into our lives?!”

*As all good questions should!


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Haman – The Problem With Pride

“Yet all this is worth nothing to me, so long as i see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king’s gate.”  Est 5:13

If there ever was a story that had a drastic flip side it is the story of Haman and Mordecai.  On the one hand you have one of the most humble people recorded in scripture who did nothing but serve his king and people, and on the other, you have Haman. This man was as vile as Mordecai was pure, and yet if we look strictly at the facts we may find we have more in common with Haman than Mordecai.

I think I can safely say we have all had those days where we are just on top of the world. You know the ones?! Where everything is going your way, and nothing could possibly bring you down. Your on cloud nine, and clouds one through eight are looking up at you with black-hearted envy! Those are great days!  Then it happens, that one person shows up who just really stokes the flames of hate in your heart, and that’s it the day is ruined all your successes brought low by the inconsiderate appearance of stupid old “whats his name”.

There are many reasons that these people might bother us.  It could be that they are more successful in the worlds eyes and what we have done pales in comparison. Possibly, they don’t show us the respect due our station in life and that infuriates us.  Most likely, however, the cause can be boiled down to the fact that we have started to believe our own hype, we drank our own Kool-Aid, or just simply believe we are better than; and when we see this person who doesn’t fall in line with our belief structure it pops that little bubble of pride on which we have been sitting.

So how do we prevent these bubble-bursting moments in our lives?

1. Learn to view success through God’s eyes.

“I have recently been reading a book called ‘The Measure of Our Success’ by Shawn Lovejoy, and it has been helping to redefine how I view my success.  We as Christians should define our success by the question , ‘Are you reaching who God has given you to reach?’ not, ‘Are you reaching ‘the most’ people for God’.  If in final doubt just remember this, “We have nothing to prove, and no one to impress”*

2. Realize your place in life is temporary.

“So many people get so worked up about what job they have, where they went to school, or who their friends are, that they miss the fact that all of those things only matter for a little while.  It is a fact that in your life your friends will come and go, your job will change, and your education will be replaced, but the one thing that will last is what you have done for Christ and His kingdom.

3. Know that your life is not your own.

“It sounds like a cliche’, point, but it is true of all of us in Christ that no matter who you are or what you do your life is not your own.  It is by believing that we have the final say that we get ourselves into the mess of pride.  If you got you to where you are today then you can take pride, but if God got you there then who are you to take credit, and demand praise.”

So don’t be Haman! Don’t allow your worth to be wrapped up so much in self that one little distraction can throw you into a tailspin.  Instead allow your worth to come from Christ, so that when the world comes to burst you bubble they find the rock of Calvary in its place.

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Recipe for Humble Pie

   “Now I, (king) Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol and honor the King of heaven, for all his works are right and his ways are just; and those who walk in pride he is able to humble.”  Dan 4:37

It seems to me that there is a very simple recipe for humility.  Start with one uncooked human battered in pride, add a sprig of “I can do this myself”, two teaspoons of “have it my way”, one cup of “how great am I”, just a pinch of sugar*, and one swift kick in the pants by God right into the flames of reality.  Finally, let simmer on high until fully tenderized and ready for molding. Coincidentally , this seems to be just about the same recipe for every virtue in the Bible.

Me, and old Nebby** have a lot in common, in that it seems like every time we get it all figured out about how this world works, and about exactly where we stand in it, we find ourselves once again the uncooked human in a brand new batch of humble pie.  The end result of being that human is that we end up right in the hands of our creator being molded, not into what we believe ourselves to be, but into what we were created to be, and we find that we have no greater purpose than to “extol and honor the King of Heaven”.

So, how do we avoid being that main dish in the most unpleasant cooking show on earth?

1. Start Every Day on Your Knees.  

“It seems like such a simple answer, but as is so often the case the simple answer is the right one.  When you start your day in prayer for yourself and others, you are beginning in an already ‘tenderized’ state, admitting from the start that you have no idea what you are doing”

2. Acknowledge Where Your “Greatness” Comes From

As much as I hate to give him props, the best example I know of this in our time right now is Tim Tebow.  The example he sets is that in everything you do understand that your power comes from Christ and all honor and glory should be given back to Him”

3. Allow Accountability Into Your Life

“The best way to avoid having God come in and give you a swift kick in the pants, is to have a good group of brothers and sisters in Christ, who are sitting in the wings ready to give you that kick before God has to do it Himself.  Lets face it lesser of two kicks is always preferable”

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*everything is better with sugar

**Nebby: short for Nebuchadnezzar it’s from veggie tales look it up!


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