From There to Here

05 Aug

“The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham”  Matt 1:1

“Be very careful what you do, because it not only reflects on you but on your mother and I”

This was a phrase I heard over and over again as a young boy growing up.  Usually it was after some big fiasco that I am certain to this day was someone else’s fault, but the point got across loud and clear, anything I did people were going to judge my parents by it.

The reverse of this is true as well, we are judged so much in our early lives by who are parents and relatives are or what they did in life.  If they were paragons of the church then you are expected to be the same and often given more leeway.  If they were somehow less than perfect, however, then often not much is expected of us or we are watched more closely to see how we are going to mess up.

The Lord of Lords and King of Kings who caused the words of scripture to be written knew this simple fact as well, and He chose to start the very first book about His Son with a listing of where He came from, so the whole world would know.

Why is this so important to scripture?  Why would we “waist” our time going over these names?

   1. Fulfillment of Prophesy 

 “Clearly, Jesus was the one true Messiah who came to save our world from our own sin. (Isaiah 37:31) However, because we as people find it hard to truly take things on faith, God inspired Matthew to record an entire account of Christ linage so that there could be no doubt as to where he came from, and who He would grow to be.”

   2. Reminder of Heroic Past

“People, in general, find it harder to believe something to which they cannot relate. Knowing this our God put in Matthew the credentials of Christ.  An entire listing of all the history that was not just related to Jesus, but also spoke to his very coming.  Seventeen whole verses dedicated to reminding the Jews and us alike why we as people could never be enough to save ourselves.”

   3. Example of Generations of Faith

“Each one of the people in the genealogy of Christ have a unique story to tell about the faith of the Jewish people.  From Rahab, to Boaz, to David, and Hezekiah, a listing of foreigners, workers, kings, and shepherds all brought into the family of God most High.  These people show the greatest example of faith imaginable by following the prodding of there God to live a life waiting for Him.  Never being able to see the end result, but having faith that through there lives He might be made known.”

As we come to know Christ in our personal lives, we have something that this list of people never did, the fulfillment of our faith.  When we come to a saving knowledge of faith we join this group of men and women as a part of Christ family.

“Be careful what we do, because it not only reflects on us, but on our Father and Brother (Jesus) as well!”

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