Spies, Assassins, and Questioning God

24 Oct

“But I would speak to the Almighty, and I desire to argue my case with God” – Job 13:3

It seems that, as a whole, the christian life has a lot in common with secret societies.  Spies, assassins and other jobs of that nature require a certain belief from those who are within them.  They hold in their laws one thing as more important than the rest and that is obedience without question.  Is this true of Christianity as well? Do we as mere mortals have the right to question God?

In every spy or assassin movie there seems alwasys to be a breakdown in this one infalible rule, this “don’t question” mentality; and because of this breakdown the characters are forced into one of three typical roles.

“The Loyal Servant” who is the unquestioning, uncompromising, and often amoral lackey of the “system.”

“The Rouge” who at one point believed, but when they decided to ask questions were told to either fall in line or “get out.”

“The Agent of Change” who splits the difference between the two, the one who wants answers but is willing to work within the “system” to get them as they come.

Do we as Christians divide into these groups? If we do, who is in the right? The man who’s life answers these questions is Job.  So what do we learn from this man about questioning the Almighty?

1. Questioning is Good

“Job is the Biblical character who probably has the best reason to question God.  By God’s own estimation he was one of a kind in his devotion to God, blameless and upright. So when all is stripped away from him, Job questions his Creator.”

2. The Right Attitude Is Key

“Job begins well in his questioning of God because he acknowledges that God is sovereign. No matter what, He has control over everything and can do what he wants with it.  He approaches God with a contrite heart knowing that he had done nothing to displease him, simply desiring a meaning for all his suffering. His attitude should be ours that if we seek to question God… then we must be prepared for His answer”

3. Too Far is Too Far

“‘Gird your loins like a man; I will (come) ask of you and you will answer unto me’ This is absolutely my favorite verse in the bible, because it is the flip side to questioning God. If you question Him, He will question you!  We see just before this Job’s attitude change from a respectful questioning to a spiteful accusation.  When our questions turn to indictments of God’s character He respond asking us to question our motives”

We all struggle with how we are treated and we are especially critical of how we are treated by God.  To truly question Him, we have to be aware of our attitudes.  We need to understand that if we question God He will question us…and we have more to answer for.

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