Super Hero Faith

15 Oct

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”  Heb 11:1

What is the first thought of a super hero when he discovers he has “powers?”  Once you are past all the, “Dude, this is awesome!” and “I’m gonna kick that bully’s butt!” what is left to think?  Did Captain America trust his shield the first time he used it?  Did Spider-man try his web swing right out of the gate?  Did they have faith that in the heat of battle there “powers” would sustain them?

To talk about faith, you must also talk about belief; though they are not the same, they do go hand in hand.  So what is belief? Belief, simply put, is an opinion or conviction of something with no available proof.  So what is the difference?  Faith is allowing your life to be molded around a belief and living as if that belief were fact.  The classic example is this: when a person walks into a room and sees a chair, he most likely believes it can hold  his weight. It becomes faith when you place yourself at the mercy of that chair.

So do we have true faith?  Are we as people willing to act on the belief that God will sustain us through the upcoming battles?  How can we truly know if we will be able to use the shield of faith? Here are some ways to know if you are ready.

1. Do We Obey?

“If you want to know if you have true faith first look at your obedience.  When God calls do you listen and do, or do you grumble complain and question?  Your obedience should be like Abraham’s who ‘obeyed when he was called to go out….and went out, not knowing where he was going.” Heb 11:8

2. Do We Please God?

Not only should we look at our obedience, but also we should see if our personal actions are pleasing to God.  Does our life line up with scripture?  Are we living like we truly believe in Christ?  In this respect we should be like Enoch who “walked with God” (Gen 5:24) and “…was commended as having pleased God.” Heb 11:5

3. Do We Trust God’s Faithfulness?

Do we truly believe that God will protect us?  When the chips are down and its just you and God in your corner, do you really believe that he will provide for you?  Is your belief just God can do, or God will do?  We should be like Sarah who was allowed to conceive well past her prime because “she considered Him faithful who had promised.” Heb 11:11

So, do super hero’s have faith in there “powers,” and if they, do can we truly be like them?  Can we as mere mortals in this world, not only believe in the power of God, but also have faith that this power will sustain us through all the times of our lives? Can this power truly save us?

“But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.”  John 1:12

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